Let Your Light So Shine

At the beginning of 2015 the Lord began to speak about what He had in store for the women at Renew. Through much prayer and several meetings it was clear that He wanted us to do something with our hands that would not only bring Him glory, but would also help to support the ministry. He put the desire in our hearts to make something of beauty  that could reach everyone, and that was the beginning of Renew All Things. 

We started praying about what the Lord would have us to make first, and He put candles on everyones heart. This is where the family of Christ really steps in!! Our sister at Good Fortune,( click here to visit her site).Jennifer shared our heart as well, wanting others to experience something of beauty. Jennifer has many years of experience in making candles, soaps, etc., so she offered to help us get started.  She gave us a space in her basement to start work, showed us supplies we would need to order, and helped in organizing what we would need to do in order to begin. That is when we created our first scent, Renew!!

When coming up with the first scent we asked the Lord to help us in creating a scent that would allow others to be "the pleasing aroma of Christ" that we have become.  Some time later we knew we had the perfect combination, brown sugar fig and oakmoss sandalwood. The next two scents came a couple of weeks later with the help of a vacation and all the beauty in our very own backyard. Sonshine was the second scent that was created, with the hope of bringing light and joy into the day. It has the perfect combination of vanilla, caribbean coconut, and yuzu. The third scent that was created was Thrive. This scent was made to represent fresh life and  growth. This scent uses the perfect combination of fresh bamboo and vetyver. After the scents were developed the next step was learning how to make the candle!!

After picking Jennifer's brain, a lot of research and mistakes, we began making candles. It started out very slow, but with the result of great candles that still needed some work with appearance!! The first couple of batches that we made and packaged were not always the prettiest, but the smell was amazing. We also  knew that as long as we did what The Lord put out in front of us He would bless the work of our hands. As we made more, we started getting a great process down and became more and more familiar with the sensitivity of soy wax. The more candles we made, the better the appearance became. Now we feel like we have the hang of it, always leaving room for growth and always wanting to learn more. 

The Beginning.....

Calvary Chapel Chattanooga is a church that takes the Commission of Christ to make disciples seriously.  So much so that they coined the phrase "recipleship," which means discipleship in the context of relationship. " Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you..." Matthew 28:19-20a
In 2011, they began the Men's Renew Discipleship Ministry, which began transforming lives of men by the constant washing of God's Word. 
In 2014, God made the way for Women's Renew Discipleship Ministry to open, giving women the same opportunity to commit their lives and to allow Jesus the chance to come in and shine light into all of the dark places of their lives. A beautiful home was donated through the generosity of a local family for the purpose of giving women a safe environment while hearing the Word of God.
In August 2014, the first women arrived and God and His Word went to work!